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Disney (DIS US)

Disney (DIS US) 100122
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Disney shares are 23% off their all-time high set in Mar 2021. The factors that drove Disney shares to their peak of $203.02 are still valid. As NYU Stern professor Scott Galloway points out, "Disney has the greatest collection of consumer assets assembled under one corporate roof."

Disney investors just got a little ahead of themselves. During the first year of the pandemic (2020) they fell in love with the jaw dropping growth of Disney+, while choosing to ignore Covid's decimating impact on Disney's theme park and the cinema business segments. However, when those businesses continued to languish in 2021, Disney shares sagged.

2022 is a new year. Disney's box office revenue and theme parks business are going to recover sharply. Disney is going to look like the pre-Covid Disney by the end of the year, with one big difference. Disney will have added a profitable direct-to-consumer (DTC) business segment (Disney+), bringing with it recurring income and the potential to bundle products. Buy

the House of Mouse.

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